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Brims & Brews

Enjoy a tasty beer while learning some basic embroidery stitches! Make your very own customized flat brimmed hat! Choose from a variety of color hats, stencils and embroidery floss to make it just how you like! 


Tuesday, April  9th 2024, at 6:00 PM


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Vinyl & Game Night

Bring your favorite vinyl records and/or games (or check out our diverse selection), and enjoy some brews, tunes & fun!


Every Thursday from 4-9 p.m.


  • Our taproom can be rented out on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the day until 9 pm, and on Wednesdays through Fridays until 2 pm. However, please note that rentals are not available on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • Each rental time slot lasts for 4 hours, which includes both setup and cleanup time. It is crucial to adhere to the allotted time frame, as any additional time will incur an extra charge of $50 for every 15 minutes exceeded.

  • The maximum capacity of our venue is 45 people.

  • You are permitted to bring your own food and/or coffee but ALL other beverages must be purchased exclusively from Timber Tap.

  • Please note that serving plates, utensils, and napkins will not be provided.

  • We offer the convenience of a smart TV in our taproom that allows you to cast presentations, slideshows, and other media content. This feature proves especially useful for events requiring visual displays or multimedia presentations.

  • Renting our taproom includes the service of one bartender. If you anticipate a high demand for drinks at your event, you have the option to request an additional bartender for faster service, subject to an extra fee.

  • A variety of beverages, including beer, wine, canned cocktails, and soda, will be available for purchase.

  • If you choose to rearrange the furniture, please ensure that everything is returned to its original placement before you depart.

  • We kindly request that you refrain from using glitter, sequins, etc. There is to be no taping or tacking anything on the walls, beams, doors or artwork. 

  • The base rental fee for our taproom is $350, and a deposit of $100 is required prior to the event to secure the reservation.

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